My name is Hilda Wist, and I am a Family Nurse Practitioner. As a Nurse Practitioner with the University of Texas at the Enbridge Corporation, I spend my days seeing patients with various health-related issues. The corporate staff and clients rely on my clinical expertise. My role is multifactorial, I interface with the corporate staff in planning and implementing the wellness programs. The emphasis of my care is placed on health education and disease prevention. The purpose for my website, is to lend my four decades of expertise to other health care providers: especially nursing students.


Corporate Health Manager, The University of Texas/Enbridge Energy Corp.
September 2013 to Present

Corporate Manager of urgent care clinic for a fortune 500 company.
My responsibilities are interdisciplinary and include:
Ensuring global compliance of policies, procedures and corporate standards.
Leading corporate initiatives such as joint safety/health and wellness programs.
Providing urgent care services to patients presenting with acute and chronic illnesses.
Providing emergency care to patients presenting with injuries or chest pain. Manage workers’ compensation services.
My main goal is to empower patients to lead better lives by promoting healthy behaviors through health promotion and disease prevention.

Registered Nurse, St. Joseph Medical Center Hospital
January 2005 – June 2012
Highly skilled career professional with over twenty years of critical care experience. Established in multiple aspects of patient support including assessment, counseling, education regarding disease process, medications and treatment, lab work, documentation with care plan for diagnosis, and administration of treatment procedures. Serve as charge/staff nurse caring for patients with acute and chronic illnesses including congestive heart failure, acute myocardial infarction, hypertensive crisis, post-op cardiovascular patients, acute and chronic respiratory failure, sepsis, cerebral vascular accidents, acute and chronic renal failure, post-op neurosurgery and general surgery patients. Surgery patients include coronary artery bypass grafts, aortic aneurysm repairs, femoral popliteal bypass, intracranial hemorrhages, subdural hematomas, lumbar laminectomy, and major abdominal surgery. Promote health and support patients and families in coping with illness. Computer skilled, manage heavy patient load, function independently under stressful situation, and strive to have good report with employer/co-worker. Proficient in all documentation / record maintenance / paperwork to ensure accuracy and patient confidentiality.

Occupational Health Nurse, Shell Oil Company
February 1992 – February 2007
Oversaw global compliance with policies and procedures and corporate standards. Assisted with the Emergency Medical Responders through training of responders. Developed the written procedures/protocols, and organization of emergency medical drills. Assisted with development, review and modification of corporate procedures and guidelines. Led corporate initiatives such as joint safety/health programs and wellness initiatives. Performed expatriate, pre-employment, regulatory medical examinations and travel medicine. Functioned independently in performance of ECG testing, phlebotomy, pulmonary function testing, audiometric testing, CLIA waived lab testing. Lead global wellness team initiatives and planning. Participated in Substance Abuse program with collections and documentation. Functioned as a team member and interface with HR, Safety, Line Management and Corporate Medical Staff as needed. Promoted working relationships with community health and safety resources.

Occupational Health Dept. Manager, Goodman Manufacturing Co.
September 2001 – January 2002
Developed the medical department. Designed the physical lay-out of the medical department. Obtained diagnostic equipment in compliance with federal, state, and OSHA regulations. Developed the medical records with the focus of maintaining strict confidentiality in accordance with HIPPA regulations. The policies and procedures formulated for the health and safety of the employees reduced the injury rate by 75%.